Storage solutions for the healthcare industry

The CX-CLOUD-FS Basic series of distributed storage software is designed to provide a complete solution for the medical industry, with high performance, online horizontal scalability, petabytes of data volumes, high availability, multiple data redundancy mechanisms, logical content protection, complex rights management, ease of use and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in PACS image storage, electronic medical records, medical research, outpatient audio and video, important data archiving and other business areas, especially for long-term storage of large-scale medical image data.

Medical Image Read/Write Optimisation

Medical Image Read/Write Optimisation

  • Multiple algorithm acceleration for reading and writing image files
  • Windows client acceleration engine
  • Support for WORM to improve security of important data
  • Fully meet the business needs of PACS systems
Business Integration

Business Integration

  • Full symmetric architecture, petabyte-scale data volumes
  • Multiple business systems (PACS, audio/video, electronic medical records, archiving, etc.) share the same storage pool with access isolation
  • Online heterogeneous scalability
Multiple data security

Multiple data security

  • Support for multiple copies for optimal data protection
  • Support for code correction to improve resource utilization
  • Data fault isolation mechanism
Non-specialist IT manageability

Non-specialist IT manageability

  • Unified web interface management without expertise
  • Centralized management of a large number of devices
  • Multiple alerting methods such as CLI/SNMP/Email/Audible

A number of targeted optimisations for the healthcare sector

Proprietary data persistence technology to dramatically improve data reliability
Image self-indexing technology, underlying accelerated medical image query
Off-site disaster-tolerant backup and self-maintenance

Typical case: Storage deployment in a tertiary hospital

With the development of electronic medical records, PACS and registration systems,
the amount of unstructured data in hospitals is growing linearly and has the characteristic
of long retention time. The company has launched a complete storage solution within the hospital
after long-term tracking and research. It fundamentally solves the characteristics of large
and miscellaneous data volume.

StorSwift Medical Dedicated Storage Solutions

Total solution, responsible for unified hospital storage

  • Multiple data protection with flexible data protection policy settings
  • Multi-level data storage
  • Support for document version traceability and WORM tamper-proofing
  • Image storage acceleration and SSD caching provide high bandwidth and high concurrency
  • NAS and object interfaces are perfectly compatible and the same file can be accessed by multiple protocols
  • Off-site synchronisation and disaster recovery
  • Support for online expansion

The project has been running reliably for 360 days so far, processing nearly 1000 PACS per day