Data storage solutions for large production enterprises

The CX-CLOUD-FS Basic/CX-CLOUD-OBJ series of distributed storage software offers production companies two different forms of storage solutions to suit the specific storage needs of production companies.

Standard Object Interface

Standard Object Interface

  • Provides Amazon S3/Swift access
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Object customization properties and queries
  • Heterogeneous provisioning of URL direct access expansion
business integration

business integration

  • Petabyte-scale data volumes to support access to massive amounts of image data
  • Divides multiple pools with different redundancy policies
  • Supports online scalability
  • Provide multiple clients for data reading
Multiple data protection

Multiple data protection

  • Supports multiple copies for optimal data security
  • Support for code correction to improve resource utilization
  • Data fault isolation mechanism
Non-specialist IT manageability

Non-specialist IT manageability

  • Unified web interface management without specialist knowledge
  • Provides a platform for data retrieval
  • Multiple alerting methods such as SNMP/Email/Audible etc.

A number of exclusive functions have been customised for production companies

Object and file interfaces co-exist for easy interface with the original system
Object data query index and analysis interface
Off-site disaster recovery and self-maintenance

Typical Case: A large Apple mobile phone camera factory
in Jiangsu Province production process supervision data storage

After 2015 major raw hand brand manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung
have respectively imposed requirements on their component suppliers for quality
traceability in the production process, requiring all produced components to have image records
at every step from production to delivery, thus generating a massive demand for image data access
and query requirements.StorSwift's experience in storage combined with existing factory applications has
resulted in a distributed object storage solution that addresses the data access pain points of production factories

VMware ESXi + vCenter + 3*CX-CLOUD-BLOCK

Integrated CX-CLOUD-BLOCK distributed block storage system using VMware ESXi, a commercial virtualization platform, to provide reliable shared blocks for commercial virtual machines

  • Ultra-high IOPS for all types of virtual machines
  • Minimalist hardware architecture is simple to manage
  • Multi-path support
  • Natural support for virtual machine failover
  • Multiple data redundancy strategies
  • Big Data Slicing Technology
  • Support for SSD tiering and caching technology
  • Support for VAAI command words

It has been tested by the plant's production quality control and IT departments and is expected to go live by May '18