Large-scale (EB-class) cold data storage solutions

With the increase in storage volume, it continues to reduce TCO and is extremely competitive, providing core technology points such as EB-class storage pools, multiple data protection, multi-dimensional power management, multi-layer storage consolidation and reliable data flow, ease of use and management, providing complete mass data storage and protection measures for enterprises and institutions in all industries. Large-scale cold data storage solutions and storage solutions such as high-performance computing storage, medical industry storage, broadcasting system storage and hyper-converged infrastructure are integrated to provide reliable and easy-to-use disaster recovery solutions for EB-class production data.

EB-level storage architecture

EB-level storage architecture

  • Fully symmetric architecture, EB-class data storage pool
  • Multi-drive nodes and high-capacity drive optimization
  • Horizontal scaling with near linear increase in capacity and performance
  • Heterogeneous scaling
Multidimensional power management

Multidimensional power management

  • Precise control of the power up/down of a given drive
  • Hard drive hibernation management to significantly reduce hard drive power consumption
  • Low power server support
Multiple data security

Multiple data security

  • Multi-copy support for optimal data security
  • Support for code correction to improve resource utilisation
  • Data fault isolation mechanism
Multi-level storage solution integration

Multi-level storage solution integration

  • Online/nearline/offline storage at three levels
  • Data-aware algorithms
  • Data flows reliably between tiers

The ultimate in energy efficiency, reducing energy input by 60%

Special offline storage hardware support with control over each drive
Data-aware computing for timely migration of cold data to cold storage
Customised migration policies
Interfaces with leading backup software

Typical case: A provincial capital city in the central
and western region of China Ping An Smart City Project

As a smart city project in a medium to large city, there is a large amount of video
surveillance storage needs, and the frequency and probability of accessing video data
in different time periods is extremely different, while responding to the national call to build
a green and energy-efficient city, this is a natural The StorSwift cold storage solution is a
perfect fit for the demand for hierarchical data storage and hardware to reduce power consumption.

Customer needs

Easy to maintain, multi-level storage, energy efficient, secure and reliable data

  • For freshly recorded video requiring NVR with playback
  • For data older than three months, there may be a need for replay
  • For data older than 6 months, archiving is required
  • Data needs to be automatically migrated back to hot storage as soon as it is accessed
  • Data is protected by redundancy and there is no single point of failure
  • Drives that are not accessed need to be automatically hibernated
  • Unified access to the command space

StorSwift Cold Data Storage Solutions

Tier 1 storage is the performance tier, with its high bandwidth, high IOPS and low latency,
which can store all kinds of data requiring high-speed online services, and can be equipped
with full SSD or mixed SSD/HDD disks depending on the specific situation, seeking a reasonable balance between performance and cost.

The secondary storage is the capacity tier, which provides a large amount of storage
space for all kinds of internal business and office data as well as data that is not particularly
demanding in terms of performance.

Tertiary storage is cold storage, with low-power, high-density storage servers for all kinds of backup archived data.
The hard drives can be precisely controlled to power up/down according to established policies, greatly reducing power consumption and management costs.
Data flows smoothly between storage levels automatically or manually according to business needs, making it easy to manage.

The project has been in reliable operation for over 3 years now