Dedicated storage solutions for security class video surveillance

CX-CLOUD-FS/CX-STOR-NAS series storage software is deeply optimized for image and video file storage, with concurrent high performance, online horizontal expansion, petabyte data volumes, high availability, multiple data redundancy mechanisms, complex rights management, easy to use and easy to maintain and many other enterprise-class features, widely used in safe cities, road and campus video surveillance, traffic police chokepoints StorSwift has rich R&D and deployment experience in video surveillance, and has deployed 3 back-end storage projects for safe cities and more than 10 projects for traffic police chokepoints.

Support for high concurrent video streaming

Support for high concurrent video streaming

  • Unstructured data-specific read and write optimisation
  • Multi-channel video read and write performance acceleration"
  • 10 billion image IO acceleration engine
  • Proprietary video stream pre-reading algorithm
Multidimensional power management

Multidimensional power management

  • Precise control of the power up/down of a given drive
  • Hard drive hibernation management to significantly reduce hard drive power consumption
  • Low power server support
Multiple Data Assurance

Multiple Data Assurance

  • Supports multiple copies for optimal data security
  • Support for corrective coding to improve resource utilization
  • Data fault isolation mechanism
low administration cost and easy maintenance

low administration cost and easy maintenance

  • Minimalist web management interface requires no specialist knowledge
  • Centralized management of a large number of devices
  • Multiple alarm acquisition methods such as CLI/SNMP/Email/Audible and Visual alarms

Professional storage solutions built specifically for video surveillance

Provides three access modes, SAN/NAS/all-in-one, to accommodate various NVR software requirements
Professional video acceleration algorithm enables sequential writing of multiple video channels
Supports hard drive MAID for intelligent power saving

Typical Case: Yinchuan Smart Safe City Project

Yinchuan is a medium to large city with a large number of video surveillance storage needs,
and the frequency and probability of accessing video data in different time periods
is extremely different, while responding to the national call to build a green energy-saving city,
which naturally creates the need for hierarchical data storage and hardware to reduce power consumption,
and StorSwift's cold storage solution fits perfectly.

Customer needs

Single node needs to meet 8M*200 channels HD camera, 7*24 hours service

  • Write performance requirements for 200 channels of 8M stream HD video
  • Easy to use web management UI for non-IT staff to deploy and implement
  • Data is protected by redundancy and there is no single disk failure
  • Real-time hardware supervision, capable of generating corresponding alarm messages
  • Provide unified management software, one software to manage all storage devices

StorSwift High Performance Computing Solutions

Addressing the customer's pain points and filling in the gaps of Luster

  • Unified storage management and support for online expansion
  • Perfect support for Infiniband and RDMA modes
  • 5-node aggregated bandwidth over 8GB/s
  • 30 computing servers running concurrent sequencing tasks
  • Provide disaster tolerant backup solutions
  • Providing solutions for switching between old and new storage systems
  • 24/7 original factory support available

The project has been in reliable operation for over 3 years now