Hyperconverged Virtualization Solutions

The CX-CLOUD-BLOCK series of distributed block storage software is a storage product specifically designed to address hyper-convergence solutions, with a number of special optimizations for hyper-convergence and virtualization

Compute Storage Networking Hyperconvergence

Eliminate centralised shared storage from traditional solutions for a scalable architecture, easier management and clearer topology

Support for multiple Hypervisors

Compatible with VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM, Esxi, Ovirt, Openstack support

Multiple caching techniques

Fully exploit SSD performance and mobilize hardware resources to achieve up to 20 times the IOPS of regular SAN storage

On-demand horizontal expansion

Supports online scalability between nodes, allowing users to start with small clusters, eliminating the need to estimate hard software purchases in traditional IT procurement

High manageability

Provides a unified Web UI management interface and incorporates rich operation and monitoring tools, making it easy for even non-IT staff to set up

Multiple data redundancy strategies

Multiple copies can be used to provide optimal data protection or to improve resource utilisation in the form of code correction, and users can granularise data protection to achieve a balance between reliability and cost

Tailor-made for virtualisation

Vmware ESXi + Vmware VCenter
KVM + Ovirt
Opestack Cinder/Nova

Typical Case: Hyperconvergence of
a commercial bank's financial trading platform

The bank's oil futures platform was old and could no longer meet customer demand as trading
volumes increased. The bank developed a new trading platform, but the original legacy
architecture was complex and required specialist IT staff to maintain it.
StorSwift's hyper-converged solution solved these problems, giving the customer
a new operational feel and performance boost.

VMware ESXi + vCenter + 3*CX-CLOUD-BLOCK

使用Integrated CX-CLOUD-BLOCK distributed block storage system using VMware ESXi,
a commercial virtualization platform, to provide reliable shared blocks for commercial virtual machines

  • Ultra-high IOPS for all types of virtual machines
  • Minimalist hardware architecture is simple to manage
  • Multi-path support
  • Natural support for virtual machine failover
  • Multiple data redundancy strategies
  • Big Data Slicing Technology
  • Support for SSD tiering and caching technology
  • Support for VAAI command words

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