CX-CLOUD helps broadcasters achieve HD video-on-demand

The CX-CLOUD/CX-NAS series storage software from Shanghai Storage Technology Co., Ltd. is fully optimised for many business processes in the broadcasting system and has many enterprise-class features such as high concurrent performance, online horizontal expansion, petabyte-level data volumes, high availability, multiple data redundancy mechanisms, complex rights management, ease of use and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in broadcasting networks, TV stations, independent It provides the most reliable data security protection and performance guarantee for high-performance VOD, live TV broadcasting, media management of massive video materials, non-linear editing, video transcoding and other services.

Successful case: OTT VOD on Demand system in a province

A provincial radio and television information network company (listed company) currently has more than 6 million cable digital TV subscribers. The huge amount of stock data and the new programme resources added every year require a petabyte-scale large-scale distributed storage system to carry, provide extremely high concurrent read and write performance, and be able to expand online on demand without any interruption to the service.


● Broadcast province-wide OTT VOD on-demand storage

● Over 2PB capacity, over 14 nodes

● Single-node 6TB NL-SAS * 27, 480GB SSD * 9

● Image acceleration and SSD caching perfect for concurrent performance

● Single node supports 1000 channels of HD video on demand


Product Advantages


Concurrent high performance

● Unstructured data-specific read and write optimization

● Multi-way video read and write performance acceleration

● SSD tiering and cache acceleration

● Approaching the performance limits of 10GbE NICs


Online scalability

● Fully symmetric architecture with petabyte-scale data volumes

● Horizontal scaling with near-linear increase in capacity and performance

● Online heterogeneous scaling


Multiple Data Protection

● Multiple copies: maximum performance and optimal data security

N+M Code Correction: A balance of resource utilisation and data reliability

● Intra-node RAID: the most cost-effective way to secure data

● Data fault isolation mechanism

● More advanced features

● Full interface support: CIFS/NFS/FTP/AFP/iSCSI/proprietary clients

● Permission management: multi-level permissions, AD and LDAP support

● WORM, snapshots, folder quotas, user/user group quotas


Easy to use

● Minimalist web management interface that requires no specialist knowledge to get started

● Centralized management of a large number of devices

● Multiple alarm acquisition methods such as CLI/SNMP/Email/Audible and Visual alarms

● Performance graphs to quickly understand system load and locate bottlenecks


Applicable scenarios

● IPTV/OTT on-demand

● Live TV programming

● Media management of all sizes

● Video transcoding

● Non-linear editing


The following products are available for broadcast systems.

● CX-CLOUD-FS Distributed File Storage

● CX-CLOUD-OBJ Distributed Object Storage

● CX-CLOUD-BLK Distributed Block Storage

● CX-NAS high-performance unified storage