Helping Healthcare - Chrysanthemum’s Medical IT Solution

Since the launch of CX-CLOUD-FS distributed file storage system in 2016, Shanghai Storage Xun Information Technology Co., Ltd. has successively launched CX-CLOUD-OBJ distributed object storage, CX-CLOUD-BLK distributed block storage system, and gradually launched a complete solution in each segmented vertical industry, the medical industry has been a key industry of our attention.


With the rapid development of information technology, information technology in the medical industry has also evolved with the times. After a long period of tracking and research, the CX-CLOUD series distributed storage software provides a complete solution for the medical industry, with ultra-high performance, online horizontal expansion, petabyte-level data volumes, high availability, multiple data redundancy mechanisms, logical content protection, complex rights management, easy to use and easy to maintain, and many other It is widely used in PACS image storage, electronic medical records, medical research, outpatient audio and video, important data archiving and other business fields, especially for long-term storage of large-scale medical image data. Its overall architecture is as follows.



Figure 1 shows our complete storage solution for hospital systems (including branches), which fundamentally addresses the characteristics of large and mixed data volumes. The storage is divided into primary storage, secondary storage and tertiary storage (cold storage).


Tier 1 storage is the performance tier

Responsible for PACS systems, doctor reading systems, etc. These systems require high read/write bandwidth and high concurrency, and can be equipped with full SSD or mixed SSD/HDD disks depending on the specific situation, seeking a reasonable balance between performance and cost.


Secondary storage is the capacity tier

After a certain period of time (e.g. six months or a year), the data in the primary storage is automatically migrated to the secondary storage according to the system’s preset data lifecycle, while the capacity tier also provides external remote access services to facilitate doctors' mobile work.


Tertiary storage (cold storage)

Multi-disk storage servers, tape libraries and CD-ROM libraries can be used to store more time-honoured data, for data backup and archiving. Considering that tape libraries and CD-ROM libraries are more difficult to maintain, more inconvenient to read historical data and higher overall costs, Storage Xpress has introduced a three-tier storage solution based on large disk storage servers (e.g. 72 disk servers), which can provide higher strength protection and a more cost-effective comprehensive solution for all types of data, especially suitable for massive unstructured data (PACS image data, audio and video data, etc.), and based on The excellent disk power management technology greatly reduces the overall power consumption of the system and also reduces the TCO.


The programme has several core benefits.


One of the core advantages: multiple data security

● Organic integration of physical and logical protection

● Multiple copies: maximum performance and optimal data security

● N+M Corrective Codes: a balance of resource utilisation and data reliability

● Data versioning/WORM: regulatory compliance and protection against data tampering

● Permission control: multiple layers of complex permissions, AD/LDAP support

● Disaster recovery solutions for large scale unstructured data


Core Advantage No. 2: Business Integration

● All-symmetric architecture with petabyte-level data volumes

● Multiple business systems (PACS, audio/video, electronic medical records, archiving, etc.) share the same storage pool and set up access isolation

● Online heterogeneous expansion


Core Advantage #3: Medical Image Read and Write Optimization

● Multiple algorithm acceleration for image file reading and writing

● Windows client acceleration engine

● Comprehensive business requirements for PACS systems


Core Advantage No. 4: Green Energy Saving

● Automatic power down according to strategy

● Reduced energy consumption, with power savings of up to 30%

● Increased disk life

● Reduced management costs


Easy to use

● Minimalist web management interface.

● Easy to get started with no specialist knowledge

● Centralized management of a large number of devices

● Multiple alarm acquisition methods such as CLI/SNMP/Email/Audible and Visual alarms

● Performance diagram to quickly understand system load and locate bottlenecks